Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bonus Point at reDuit! reDuit! ?

Yes! Starting from today, we will be introducing bonus points system in reDuit! reDuit! We let you to collect bonus point every time you buy any items in reDuit! reDuit!

How to earn reDuit! reDuit! Bonus Point (rrBP)?
Simple! Spend anything in reDuit! reDuit! Every RM1 spent will entitle you to 1 rrBP (postage paid not counted!)

Eg: If you purchase 1 hijab valued RM33. Total that you have to pay is RM39 including the postage. Since RM6 paid is the postage cost, total rrBP earned is only 33 points which same as the item purchased value.

Is the rrBP has expiry date?
No! You can collect as many points as you like.

What is the value of my rrBP if I would to redeem?
50 points = RM1

When can I use the rrBP?
You can use rrBP as early as your next purchase with reDuit! reDuit! And bear in mind that redemption of rrBP cannot be use on the same day as the rrBP earned.

How to use my rrBP?

1st purchase: Ms. A buy 4 hijabs and pay RM167 (including RM7 postage). Total rrBP earned = 160 points.

2nd purchase: Ms.A wish to buy 1 hijab and need to pay RM46 (including RM6 postage). Ms.A only needs to pay RM43, if she wish to redeem her rrBP. So, total rrBP left to be use for her 3rd purchase will be 50 points (including the 40 points earned from her 2nd purchase).

Strictly no cash redemption allowed! rrBP only meant for discounting your next total purchase with reDuit! reDuit!

Can I keep my rrBP to redeem free items from reDuit! reDuit?
Yes! You can keep as many rrBP to redeem a free item. However, you will need to pay the postage cost for us to deliver the item.

How will I know how many rrBP that I had earned?
Refer to the left side column of our page. We listed names and rrBP of our valued customer there!

So guys, happy shopping and collect more points to get more discount!