Friday, January 22, 2010

reDuit! reDuit! Reseller

Interested in reDuit! reDuit! items? Thinking of sharing them with your friends nearby? Don’t know where to get the items? And last but not least, wants some extra money for your shopaholic pocket?

If all of your answer are yes, reDuit! reDuit! have a solution for you.

reDuit! reDuit! would like to help a shopaholic to get some extra money. So, today reDuit! reDuit! looking for a reseller all over Malaysia. However, offered only applied to any person who agrees with all reDuit! reDuit! following T&C:

- No adavance RM needed to start your mini business.
- Minimum order: 10 pieces of any item from this blog in each transaction.
- Postage: Bear by the reseller.
- You can use any photos/reDuit! reDuit! blog address to promote your business.
- You will be not entitled to collect rrBP.
- For price and further info, please contact reDuit! reDuit!

Please bear in mind that reDuit! reDuit! are not a wholesaler. We buy items in small quantities (usually only 1 pieces per item/design) to ensure we only get those very pretty and irreproachable items. Due to that, we can’t guarantee that you can get every item that you interested as priority will always be given to our valued customer. However, you can ask for restocking. No promise, but we will try our very best to get it for you.