Friday, January 29, 2010

How to take care of my Eikyn Hijab

Recently, we have a few queries on how to wash the hijab and how to take care of the awning so that it won’t dent.

So, to share it with others who maybe don’t know, we jot it down here:

1. Hand washes only please!
But, to be honest, I had an experience where hubby accidentally washed my hijab using washing machine. To be exact, wash it with all our T-shirts and pants for 15mins. Yes! 15mins! And the outcome, amazingly the awning still looks good after I ironed it from inside. Thought I’m lying? See the pic below…

Still looks good right? That’s why I’m saying the quality of the awning was so superb. Far away better than other hijab that I bought, and the best thing is, the price of this hijab is cheaper!

2. Do not spin or wring the awning of your hijab to dry it. Hang it directly after washing. The best is to hang it upside down as shown at the following photo:

3. Iron? Yes! You may iron the awning from inside. Please don’t iron from outside. Otherwise, it might damage the awning.

4. How to Store your Eikyn Hijab

Hope this guidance helps!