Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother's Day Sale Day 1 - closed!

Mother's day is just around the corner. To show our appreciation to all mothers in the world, we are going to make count down Mother's Day sale.

What is that mean? Meaning, reDuit! reDuit! will choose few items that's still available in our shop everyday starting from today until the Mother's Day itself. Then, the price of selected item will be reducing crazily! Seriously cheaper, that you couldn’t imagine of!

Not only that, we will also be giving free gift to any customer who actually was a mother. To get this free gift, you only need to purchase min RM50 in one transaction.

So, what we have for today's sale?

Genuine Pearl Bracelet: 2/3 rows bracelet
(Locking type)

Price: RM45 (free postage!)
Before was RM60

PB 005

Pearl colour: White
Crystal colour: Clear

Genuine Pearl + Swarovski Crystal Brooch Set with chain

Price: RM29 (free postage!)
Before was RM45

PBR 002
1 available

PBR 008
1 available

High Quality White lace cotton shirt

Price: RM69 (free postage!)
Before was: RM85
Market/boutique Price: RM129-RM149

1 available (M)
1 sold! (L)

Size: M
Shoulder: 14.5 inch
Bust: 37 inch
Length: 31 inch

Size: L
Shoulder: 15 3/4 inch
Bust: 38 inch
Length: 31 inch

1. Lining might be needed
2. Full lace on front & back of the shirt
3. Side zipper


Price: RM10 (free postage!)
Before was: RM13 each (free postage!)
Other blog shop Price: RM13-RM15 without postage!

DS 022
(Proposed inner: IC 001, IL 001 & IL 006)

DS 029

DS 042
2 sold!

Shawl Packages

1 Shawl + 1 cotton inner =
RM15 (free postage!) - you save RM8
Before was: RM20 (you save RM3)

additional shawl/cotton inner (RM1 off for each add on item)

1 shawl + 1 lycra inner =
RM20 (free postage!) - you save RM11
Before was: RM28 (you save RM3)
additional shawl/lycra inner (RM1 off for each add on item)

Beautiful & gorgeous Chiffon Kain Pasang bejeweled with crystal stone

Price: RM39 (free postage!)
Before was RM60

CM 009
1 Available

Colour: Olivaceous (hijau lumut)
Type: Matching
Length: 2m chiffon, 2m matching Jacquard


Awning Material: High Quality Imported Thai Silk
Hijab Material: High Quality Imported Lycra

Price: RM29 (free postage!)
Before was RM40

DTL 001

#True Colour: 1st pic#
Awning Colour: Black
Type: Normal
Size: M

DTL 011

#True Colour: 1st pic#
Awning Colour: Black
Type: Normal
Size: M