Thursday, April 29, 2010

MOther's Day Sale day 2 -CLOSED!

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Free gift to any customer who was a mother. To get this free gift, you only need to purchase min RM50 in one transaction.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet (Stretchable Type)

Price: RM15 (free postage!)
Before was RM25

CBR 010
1 available

Crystal Colour: Light blue

Genuine Pearl + Swarovski Crystal Brooch Set with chain

Price: RM29 (free postage!)
Before was RM45

PBR 001

PBR 016
1 available

High Quality White lace cotton shirt

Price: RM69 (free postage!)
Before was: RM85
Market/boutique Price: RM129-RM149

Price: RM90
1 available

Tag as Size: M
Actual Size: L
Shoulder: 15 3/4 inch
Bust: 38.5 inch
Length: 30 inch


Price: RM10 (free postage!)
Before was: RM13 each (free postage!)
Other blog shop Price: RM13-RM15 without postage!

DS 007
Colour: Green & white

DS 013
Colour: Dark chocolate & light chocolate (shawl)

DS 014
Colour: Grey & light chocolate (shawl)

Shawl Packages

1 Shawl + 1 cotton inner =
RM15 (free postage!) - you save RM8
Before was: RM20 (you save RM3)

additional shawl/cotton inner (RM1 off for each add on item)

1 shawl + 1 lycra inner =
RM20 (free postage!) - you save RM11
Before was: RM28 (you save RM3)
additional shawl/lycra inner (RM1 off for each add on item)

Beautiful & gorgeous Chiffon Kain Pasang bejeweled with crystal stone

Price: RM39 (free postage!)
Before was RM60

CM 007
1 available

Colour: Dark turqouise mixed with chocolate to orange
Type: Matching
Length: 2m chiffon, 2m matching Jacquard
(Proposed matching plain hijab: PTL 005, PTL 008, PTLT 005 or PTLT 008)


Awning Material: High Quality Imported Lycra
Hijab Material: High Quality Imported Lycra

Price: RM25 (free postage!)
Before was: RM33

SDFL 002

#True Colour: 1st pic#
Hijab colour: Darl chocolate mixed with white
Type: Twist
Size: M/S

Awning Material: High Quality Imported Thai Silk
Hijab Material: High Quality Imported Velvet

Price: RM39 (free postage!)
Before was: RM50

EHV 002
1 Available

Awning colour: Light green
Type: Twist
Size: M